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Palacio de la Aljafería

Client: Cortes de Aragón   Year: 2021


Creation of a set of visual identity for the Palacio de la Aljafería, a building that brings together characteristics of the typical aragonese Mudéjar architecture and that of a medieval palace that served, among other uses, as a residence for the Catholic Monarchs. It currently houses the parliamentary headquarters of the Cortes de Aragón, as well as being a cultural space in which different activities are developed. It also seeks to bring the palace closer to the citutadanía of Zaragoza, as well as to national and international tourism.


The proposal is based on a classic element of aragonese mudéjar architecture adding a Gothic arch that invites us to enter and participate. Three elements have also been added to the superir that together, make up a crown, thus giving it an aspect of institutional shield capable of coexisting with the institutional brands with which it will share prominence. This last element also gives it an appearance of a castle or tower and also tells us about its medieval period and its defensive function.

In the typographic part, a geometric typography has been used with a high degree of synthesis and simplicity in its forms, which gives it a contemporary appearance that, reinforced with color, gives us a young and dynamic image.